Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 16 - Wed. "Abbondanza"

QCOM - 57.5 seems to be aoi (area of interest), I think it if can hold over, than it will begin to form as support, long bias trying to capitalize on this idea.

LNKD - thinking she goes to test 70 soon, soon as in a swing trade short, with room to add, only play smaller size 1/3 or 1/4 of normal position size. Seems like peeps have it out for this company.

COO - Crazy drop from recalling contacts, 53 was support, bounced sick off there, we played this in chat from 53 to 54+, keeping on watch, I think this gets bought up on dips, watch and see if they get supported.

FIO - beginning to hit resistance at 40, pretty solid pull from 40 (creating dub top) will be eying the short on a few fails of that 40 top.

MRX - I like the sell off long idea here. Some definite resistance keeping it from running though, I don't think its attractive enough just yet to go long, I'm eying the 30 level as possible long, but until then I think the short will suffice, be careful though, normally I would wait for the long and not play the short first, but I think there is money to be made. 

MCP - Choppy sideways pa, although choppy, pops below 32.5 are being bot up, not much upside though, only on my radar right now from the sell off no bias just yet.

TIBX - approaching 52's, would like to see a long play from here to there b4 I get short biased.

ADSK - beating Q3 estimates and setting its Q4 guidance in a range that straddled the Street view. Early longs may want to target possible entry points off the 34 level, a spot that had support in ah's trade, tgt 34.5-35.
ASYS - better-than-expected Q4 results and a disappointing Q1 outlook. Anytime I see a disappointing outlook I'm always eying for the short. 10 should stand as a roof.
OZM - eying this for a long 8 - 8.35 support, needs sideways pa first and some perks.

CNQR - actually they beat on earnings on both revenue and eps. Looking to play this long off this opportunity.