Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 23 - Wed. "Holidayz"

ANR - watching for a long play, needs more sideways pa, but its searching for a bottom 20-21 area. Looking to add on weakness at this point.

ARUN - looking for it to move sideways a little big more, possible a higher low, early weakness might find some rips back up towards 20, it did have a dub botm intraday.

MCP - good range in this one lately, stock moved up solidly, a little unbiased at this point, weak open = long, strong = short paras, etc. Keep eyes on will call more in chat as I see it unfold.

GRPN - back towards ipo price, which was 20, had a sick bounce off 20, we nailed this one in chat. I'm short biased until it looks more appealing long, 16-18 area was initial ipo pricing.

SFLY - I dont know the news surrounding this one, but I like the technical set up long.  move over 33 could bring 35 test quickly, keep on radar.

 YOKU - wow this played with me today, had a good long for 40 cent gain, but left half hit me for a 60 cent loss, then the stock pops back to 15 and higher, I think its oversold at this point, look for 15 to find some buyers and go long.