Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 22 - Tues. "GanksThiving"

BCSI - swing long idea here off 16.85ish area, from last nights scan, nice call in chat from IL on the potential of a r/g move, 17 cross, looking for 18 target on the back of a strong SPY.

NTAP - long bias, killed this one today 33.75 to 35 move, only got part of that move, but was good. I think long on pulls to 34.5 or 34 area, ideally looking for a move through 35.

 RIG - super sick again, here from 44.5 to 45.8 move, was calling long off of lows, took some 45 calls from 1.9 to 2.3, decent gain, should of taken larger size, but I didn't think this move would happen today and I wanted more time to ave in. I like the long still with adds below 45, looking for a trend change.

 MOS - 53.5 has stood as resistance and this held true today. It did perk with the SPY I'm thinking it pulls below 53 or to and take it long for a move well above 54.

 NUAN - nice sell of, but I'm thinking we get a temporary move back up towards 25 before she tops out again and heads lower, this pull is overdue, play accordingly.