Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 30 - Wed. "Mr. Bojangles"

YOKU - If stock has a strong open over 17.5x18 area, I'll be looking short, if weak look for r/g move and possible run towards 18.

 GMCR - stock has support here at 48.5 level, possible short if it breaks this support.

RIG - stock offering brought it down, downtrended all day, eying long off of washouts, possible reverse at 40, just keep it on watch look for reversal signs. (ie boomwin strategy)

OVTI -  beating Q2 expectations but also issuing Q3 guidance below Street estimates, stock dropped ah's to flatten out at 9.75, buyers tried to support it at 9.92, I'll be looking to short 10 and a quarter (10.25) first, then possible reverse midday and long.

 HGSI - possible double bottom, super beat chart. on watch, no play yet other than a swing long.