Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 1 - Thurs. "First of the Month"

SFLY - what a dissapointment on trying to get this thing to reverse today, had a gain about 47 times and got greedy, 30cents wasn't good enough, wanted that 29 push, didn't come, took a 40c loss. Same ideas on the long bias, wash, flat, hl, go long. Defenses should come out from firms, could be a catalyst.

AEN - 2 times I've failed to short these paras and 2 times its faded nicely, I'm waiting for 1.25+ to get into it. Look for it to get toppy over 1, then envy buyers roll in and squeeze early shorts, when the 90% are thinking long, we thinking short start.

KOG - what a beast, closed out on highs, and I think I saw some ah's prints even higher. Looking to get short on this, only stalking at this point, where she stops no one knows, 10 seems like a nice good round number.

TZA - our market was strong like bull today, me want trade for gain here, ahh hoo, waa, lol, anyways. Long bias on this for a trade only, if our market gaps and is strong early, look to grab this off lows and play the profit taking long.

OVTI - this stock is tremendously beat down so long is the idea, but I'll be looking to short it up around 11 first for a trade. Might need some over/under 11 sideways pa first before she pulls.

ANR - play this long first towards 25, any pop over 25, say 25.1 or 25.25, I will reverse position and short.