Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 4 - Fri. "Better Than You"

  • Groupon ipo tomorrow.
SBUX - sympathy GMCR was up after "beating Q4 expectations and guiding in line for FY 2012." Longs might want to look at 42.4 as a decent entry point for a long, possible target would be 43+.

SWKS - eps beat, but guidance was lacking. stock bounced off 18 strongly, I'd be looking to snag anymove back towards 18, or flashes below 19 (could be floor) to go long, eventhough the selloff tonight, I thinking reverse.
LNKD - huge range in this stock so play small, but I'm thinking top forms around 84.5 area, where I'd be looking short on this trade, they are also selling 100m in stock.

CHK - I spoke with T. Boone Pickens awhile back and he said to me, "Miles you know my favorite energy play is Chesapeake, I have it in my portfolio." So some big money is in this company, if you like value plays, this eps tonight reaffirmed that they are a big name and a solid company.
WFM - earnings actually beat by 1cent last night and stock sold off, was a great long trade today for 70cent gain, so I will be looking to long again, possibly for the 70 test and cross. 68.5 - 68 ideally good place to watch for entry.

ANF - long bias, 58 area of interest, support from there any dips back towards - accumulate position for possible retest of 60.

RIG - stock had a midday dub bottom and tried to reverse off 48, I set an alert for when the stock hits this area so I can begin to watch if support forms for a long trade. Firms came out and said wait on the long until 45 area, which could be flexible.

BGC - huge rip down 2 days back and now right back, I like the short bias as a top starts to form, I'd be only eying at this point for a short 28x29 and even 30 level could still get touched.