Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 3 - Thurs. "Never Ask for It"

WFM - beat eps by 1c and posted inline revenue and guidance. Despite this the stock has sold off, historical widening pattern should bring the stock lower, then I think since eps was decent the stock will reverse.

 CECO - big washout after disappointing news, "faced intense pressure a day after an external investigation found a number of health education and art and design schools failed to meet minimum accreditation standards for its placement rates in the 2010 to 2011 period." Also, revenue was 100m down. I have a long bias, but first sideways pa leading into g&p.

 QCOM - better-than-expected results and guidance. Possible long play off dips below 57 for a run towards 59 and 60 area.

 SIMO - beast mode today, hitting new 52's and pushing higher and higher. Could run towards 20 before profit takers come in, I am short biased on strong paras, long on weak open and gear towards that 20 spot.

OPEN - long bias as it starts to move sideways and gear into that 40 push and target of 43 for a long from here.  Don't just jump in long, look for pulls to accumulate, let it put in the signs of a bottom and try long, I am considering 40 calls for December.