Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 14 - Wed. "1 Man Army"

LNG - 33 million shares in an offering, pops over 8.5 area to 8.75 I will be looking to short, possible 9 fail as  well. Short bias.

ESRX - in a contractual dispute with its client WellPoint, 42.75 area stood as a decent floor, might want to watch for a long tomorrow, kinda depends on how valid this news stands/holds up, dd time.

INTC - eying long bias has sold off for a few days and looking for sideways with perk.

BBY - prolly am weakness I will get long on, too many viewpoints on this one, stick to your stops.

VCI - again long bias here off weak open and r/g move. Be nice if 19 fails and then we get a cross and a r/g move.

JOE - short bias on strong pops over 16 - 16.25.

FDS - 87 is support anything under is over sold, I'll be looking long if it falls below.