Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 15 - Thurs. "Individual Gangsta"

AIS - partner BioSante Pharma (BPAX) lower after BioSante said the companies' LibiGel treatment for female sexual dysfunction did not meet the primary or secondary endpoints in a trial. 2 - 2+ stood as a decent ceiling an area I'll be looking to short if it gets back, if not I'll be looking long off of washouts.
 BPAX - that .50 level seems to have alot of support, I'll be eying longs off of .45 area.

VRTX - I like long off of 30 any dips back I'll be taking long again, I think 32 is a good tgt.

TIBX - eying long off 23 cross, possibly r/g cross on a weak open as well, all catalysts of a bullish move.

INTC - needs to have some sort of a strong day, its been selling, its been weak, its started getting less weak, I'm eying long on this one, 22.5-23 as support to get long, maybe higher.

VPHM - announced the modernization of labeling for Vancocin, I guess thats good since it ripped eod from 23 - 28, might have 30's in it, obviously I'm short biased, cause of the para, still could have alot more upside, you know how these pharmas are. Stick to your stops on your shorts, don't get stubborn. Looking to short paras.