Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 8 - Thurs. "Europe?"

  • Market seems very in tune to whats happening in Europe, I had to dash out about an hour before the close so I missed the big rumor or whatever it was that ripped the market up higher. I know there is a big summit soon to see what role the IMF will play in Europe's future. 
MW - killing me unrealized I'm down about 1.25 pts with a 31.35 average, jumped the gun way too early and didn't stick to my stops, to me all I see are alot of short set ups, but market is buy high sell higher right now. Ideally looking to add on a 32 fail and maybe see some more downside, but at this point I'll be looking to just minimize the loss.
LULU - took some long towards the close, again I had to leave, so I'm holding this over will a tiny gain. Stock flattened out today after its earnings huge drop and then rebound, it pulled again and flattened out, which is where we are now so I took some long for one more pop, most likely towards 47 area, then I will take it off my watch.
CRK - I'm still eying the short on this one, when it cracks it will give us a few points from this point. Looking for sideways pa, but again this mkt is crazy, most likely settle my trading down till we aren't in a buy high sell higher kinda area.
CEDC - up a grip ah's and last week or so, will be eying shorts higher 6's if it makes it.
PSUN - up ah's should have a good range in it tomorrow so I'll be watching. Possible 2 cross or weak open and r/g move.
MIND - running into all kinds of tops up here at 20, I think it goes lower before she turns back up and makes another run at 52's. Look for the 19 crack to get a washout trade.