Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 9 - Fri. "Limitless"

TXN - slashing its Q4 outlook below its prior guidance and Street estimates, drop from 30 to 28 ah's. Good support at 28, good risk v. reward, flat I'll prolly take a shot long on this one. If it looks to breakdown 28, could see a decent wash, all about the price action, peep game. 28.4 aoi.
MAKO - long off of 25 or any wash below sub 25s, 25.35 bounce tonight caught some decent upside, stock is considerable lower vol than previous plays, but with that being said, stock could reverse over a period of a few days. We look to nail the swing trade long here.
 AFFY - 7.59 tgt on the shortside, 8.4 dub top, short on am pop. This stock has rocketed up from 5 to 8 in a few short days off of drug news.

 LULU - could replace FSLR & QGEN on nasdaq 100 announcement might come tomorrow night. I was long biased on LULU overnight good for a 1+pt gain, looking to see it hit and push 47, long bias.

 SIMO - weak open r/g long, bull flag possibility, hasn't had a real pull back yet but I'd wait to let it get as high as possible.