Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 2 - Fri. "Feeling It"

FNSR - came on my scan late in the day today, tried 16 long bottom dropped on me and I shook out, then it held and looked like reversal, but mkt closed, will be watching this one tomorrow with a long bias, they missed eps and set guidance below. Its right at support here at 16 though so if it doesn't hold, I'm thinking a fade to 14 (next area of support).

JBLU - I'm short this stock now, had to hold it over cause it moved against me and I was unwilling to take the loss (dumb). Still short bias, I don't think it looks appealing to long until people get a chance to load up at or under 4. Also, we all just saw AMR, obviously not the same company, just a bankruptcy in the same sector. 4.6 area stood as a top today, possible pop towards again, lower would be nice, and head lower.

MOS - this one I'm stalking for a short if it gets back up towards 53.5-54 area. I like to scale in, then ride lower. 52 tgt cover spot.

 OVTI - missed pretty decently the other day on eps. The market had a 500 up day though and every stock moving up regardless. short stalk at 11.8 , will add to an already short position and possibly see 11 ideal cover tgt or lower.

 ANR & LULU on watch as well.