Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 10 - Tues. "Assessment Correct"

CRUS - eps set Q3,Q4 above est. 18.4-.70 had heavy selling in ah's, so a good top to short is there with kicks back into <16-.

 LIZ - CFO resigning, stock will bounce right back up to 9+, but this 9 stood as a tough ceiling where I'd short. I like it long back to 9, cfo news aint' that bad, but stock has been up here for awhile so we might get a short out of it later as well.

JNPR - they cut Q4 expecs, short 21.3,but this stock bounced back strong from 18.8 to 21ish, which is rare for a company cutting so I'm thinking it maybe not as bad as folks think, short bias first, then we may change if it gets to 20.

FDO - 54 cross, r/g adn go, 54.13 is the real spot she needs to push and hold, tgt 55.68 on swing.

WTW - short as close as you can to 69 cause she will break 68 and 66.62 will be the target (if it can crack there) we see <66.

MAKO - people are starting to value this stock so it may have a 32 cross and run, I dont like the long, but feels like the only play at this point, imo she pulls, flattens out, then she goes. f the chart.
GRPN - too many haters, she pulled a few bucks, stayed sideways for a while, she should have a random run for 50c+.

JAZZ - she ran hard and set a new 52 today, she could see 50 before she starts to top, I'm not going to fight this trend until I see a reason to, accumulate weakness and lock pops. Short bias later, but there is no overhead and she has moved sideways for 0 days, no sign of a short yet, but soon Daniel son.