Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 11 - Wed. "Sroblem Polvers"

I usually never give you guys a spiel at the beginning of my radar because whats the point, but now I have a reason and its this. Do you know how to trade? Be honest. When you make a good trade do you know why, vice versa? I used to not know why or whatever, I would just make some here and lose some there, never knowing why, never creating a strategy to live by so I could CONSISTENTLY make gains each day, whether they be 30 or 300 each trade cause at the end of the year if I can see a 100k+ account off making 30 dollar trades then I'll be happy. I can teach you this with a small account. How you ask? PATTERS. Patters that when you see, predict future stock movement. The Marty McFly of stock set ups. To the right you'll see Boomwin Strategy, Sign Up. How much $ have you thrown away not learning anything? Learn how to trade, learn this strategy, over time - make it your own, through your own tweeks and whatnot, pretty soon, your losses will be flats, then small gains, then larger then you can have a life, a life where stock trading is your job. No offense, but you guys want help in chat all day and if you would set up a plan to take this lesson, you wouldn't need it. 

CROX - Q4 and full year rev "in line," in line is never good enough, expect a pop to short into, 17.24 was a good spot, I'll be getting heavy there. Target 16.5, could possibly play it long from there as well I suspect it will trade in a range.
URBN - CEO resigned, who cares, this stock will come back 24.75 good long spot, 25.75 good short spot, could play within this range until a trend sets. I'll most likely watch early on and sit on sidelines.
JAZZ - short bias, for 2 days now its shown 48.5 as a sideways price action area, the pops over maybe good places to start shorts, then same area as a crack or 1/2 cover.
FDO - long bias, this has some sellers to work out before its a smooth sailing stock, but accumulate 54.5 area and take your gains and re add, etc.
PWRD - short bias, but could go back to 12.
CRUS - short bias, people lke this stock so wouldn't be surprised to see it hit 20. 25 is all time, really ain't that far away now, but I will short the paras.
WTW - Short, not even a bias just short. GTFOOH Barkley!
RIG - Long bias, but she pulls back first before she goes <40 I'm a buyer for a target of 41.7-42+.
MAKO - fucker has been holding, its going to go 32 cross and run again. Long biasexxual.
WBMD - only on watch for any life, long bias, but BBY is still flat and calls are safer here.
 ITMN - I like this set up, short, because pops over 17+ want to be watched closely for top and shorted.
ADSK - I have this on watch because I was wrong about the short initially, because I think it could see 33.5-35 again easily, then short swing it to 29.75 crack and bank hard with the (big attack dogs).
 YOKU - could easily just grind its way back to 20 over the next month, but this isn't new I was calling long from sub 16's.
IPGP - crazy run, prolly setting up for much higher prices, maybe higher 48's-50 possibly, (guesses). I'm always thinking short on such a big move, but if this opens weak I will long r/g and keep it small and let it ball.
 Lesson for Tomorrow with these Setups: Trade the range, buy the lower end, sell the upper end and if it breaks trend, get out and let it set a new trend and range. $Cake.