Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 19 - Thurs. "Back4 Everything They Owe"

short biased at 35 failure.
stock wont make it to 6, 5.8 and short.
AMGN - def on short watch, but weakness could run your long into 70+.
SVU - numero uno on my long watch, buy washes and watch for 7 cross, but be careful may want to test prior lows from October, which was 6.4.
IDIX - short biased, but it wants to either test 15 or push it. Only interested if it does one of those 2 things and paras through.
GS - short pops over 106.25
COOL - on watch for long after its sell off and flatness.
LLTC - I'm already short a partial at 33.22 with room to add up to 33.5 and any overextended pop over, we are looking for a top reversal here so target is your time-frame.
CREE - if it gets up over 25 towards psychological price points up to 26 I will be looking to short.
CIE - as much as I hate to say it this thing is bull flagging, you buy the weakness and when it pushes into a parabolic you sell and short it. 20.45 is an area of interest, it should accumulate off 20 to retest that spot and either para or set a second top and make a better case for a short.

IPGP - 52 and a quarter to 53 is the short adding zone. Meaning, I will be building a short position within those areas. Ideally, a para towards a 53+ or fail, but depends on volume and overall mkt tomorrow. Either way the short will be in play.
FDO - stock has been a great range trader, if your paying attention you can play the range and a possible break of the upper trend line should send it towards 56, the range is 53 - 54.25.

ALNY - head and shoulders is bearish. Look to short the strong pops around 10.5. If the stock all of a sudden changes and 10.5 becomes support you cut your loss early and it should gear higher.