Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 18 - Wed. "Bright Nights"

"Its amazing the days we never let up and wait, time and again, for that elusive set up."
WLK - Short bias, small, trades & lighter vol. 56.5 top today, so 56.5-57.39 will be my shorting area. May amaze us all and run to 60, but I am going to get heavy short on this one.

IPGP -52.4 run possibly, but doubtful this holds 50 much longer.Possible long first.

FDO - still long accumulation plan.
CREE - weaker results & guidance, 22 tried to hold a floor, but 22.5 was a good short spot.

LLTC - mixed guidance, increase Q3 rev, tolerant longs maybe <32 area.

COOL - big drop ah's, idk why on watch fora bounce.