Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 4 - Wed. "My Way"

APKT - eps "weaker-than-expected Q4 outlook." Thinking it opens closer to 26 and I'd be inclined to short the early pop, if there is one around 26.75 (within a dime) area. After the sell off, considering the deep shedding over the last few months, I'd be looking long, possibly around ah's lows of 25, looking to start into any panic wash below. 22 is very old support.
  • For the full year, Acme now projects an adjusted profit between $1.03 and $ 1.05 a share with $308 million to $310 million in revenue. The company's October guidance had called for earnings of $1.14 and $1.18 a share and revenue of $315 million to $320 million.
    The company projected an adjusted fourth-quarter profit of 26 cents to 28 cents a share with revenue between $84 million and $86 million. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters were expecting a 37-cent per-share profit with $93 million in revenue.


NATI - honorable mention, potential near-term ceiling level shorts may want to watch and where there may be room to catch downside momentum back into the high 24s.

PRGS - beating on Q4 but also issuing Q1 expectations below estimates, pre-bell open Wednesday may have potential in the 18.40 to 18.00 area. The 18.75 to 18.40 area set up as a consistent ceiling level through much of Tuesday night's after-hours, a possible near-term top for shorts to eye.

MAKO - short bias, of course I is. Thinking short 28 crack eventually, 28.75 stood as a top.

MCD - keeping my eye on this one for tomorrow, if we see it hold 99 and kick back up 100+ then should have a retest of 52's, would think the 100 teens would be a nice target.