Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 30 - Fri. "This is It 2011"

ZAGG - is getting defensive down here, everyone is bearish thinking the company is worthless, but this is when I'm most bullish. Long on washes. Also, big short float.

 MCP - flatlined after big sell off at 23.5, is the area we could see a breakout from to 24+ tgt.

 ADSK - so defensive here at 30 I'm long biased now, needs more sideways price action before I go long, but use 29.75 as support and stop area. Of course if 29.75 doesn't hold, short bias and ride it down.

 DECK - real negative news hitting the wires lately, saying competition is cheaper, etc. 73 might see that area until any kind of reversal, if at all. Good trader either way, long the washes.