Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 27 - Fri. "No Breathing Room"

So I've been not making mistakes lately. Some could consider it a time thing that I dont take losses and I'll just wait them out, but what I'm doing is finding a set up that I know will work out (because of boomwin strategy) and giving it time to work out (1-3 days), which is giving me the ability to make bigger gains than normal, but also the option to scalp size once the trade is black. I'm not a bragger or boaster, but I do say "XYZ stock did just like boomwin had it set up for last night" - I guess in a way its an I told you so situation, worded differently. Not meaning it an arrogant way, just iwii (is what it is). I try to be a selfless alerter in chat, meaning I dont take a position until I say I'm in now. Most times I alert you guys to a stock trade at the exact moment the set up is there, then I go in configure my order and try to get a fill, happened about 7-9 times today of me missing things by pennies, left about 5-6k on the table. NFLX both ways, PLCM, JCP both ways, although I hit it a few times, QCOM 2wice, SNDK and it goes on, so what I'm saying is when I say something in chat (which if its not a joke or somn, it has been limited lately and been about action) Main Reason: I'm sick of alerts that have no purpose, no actionable timing and we all know "timing is everything," once you've found a decent strategy (ieBoomwin). So as I progress, just thinking out loud here, so you can with me...
  • I do all of this to help others cause financial karma is a bish if against you and also so you will sign up with Investors Underground Subscription Page and use my promo code: BOOMWIN because other than my trades, which % wise are top of the class, % being the key word and the $ value is right next to them, put two & two together. I want to pass the proper way to do this along and get anywhere from $16-$25 from you if you use my promo code (just depends on the payment play you choose). I've been to every chatroom out there, Sykes, Kunal00, Fous, just to name a few and for some reason I stuck with @InvestorsLive, he's a good guy and a good teacher. You can make your life doing this...just some words of wisdom if you needed them, anyways on to the radars.