Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 30 - Mon. "Timing is Everything"

All the market is done is grind higher and higher, even on gap down days so I think we could continue to do this for January, like last year, then February hit and it was doomsday, I think our next big move is down, why I'm scalping longs and swinging shorts at this moment.

ah's Eps: ALGN (good technical spot), GCI (another good tech spot), HOLX (same), ICUI, RCII (looks weak), RTEC (nice grinder, low vol), SOA has eps, but 27.75 or somn buyout offer. Other than that nothing after hours.

JCP - short bias for a few reasons: one being that the stock is up 8pts on news that a guy who worked under Steve Jobs is now running the company, which means he can do anything! They have been pumping this eps since day one and yeah its been a good run, but with the mkt topping out and this stock up on bad eps numbers, reality is a bish folks. 41.5 seems to be a good top, looking for a gap down, possible red to green run, try to top it out and short it for a late day fade.

AMLN - I am short bias of course 14.67 is my #, but I like 15 - 15.5 as possible blow off tops so I will feelr in at my # and go from there, calling audibles in chatroom.

MW - short biased every since its huge run after earnings its done nothing, but what the mkt has done, which is grind higher and higher. Slower mover, wait for that top to hit, short it and swing. Pops over 35ish to short.

END - technical set up long here, over resistance, well its trying, look at the chart play the levels.