Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 10 - Fri. "GunN"

FTNT - 26 is area of interest.

THLD - sideways short maybe.

IRBT - wrote a long piece on this one Link to Article

BWLD - short bias on parabolics over 85, might get a nice fade all day tomorrow if mkts weak. I think 85 is the magic #, if its above I'm shorting, I had a chance today to hit it, but with the way things been squeezing and holding had to cut it, might take 1/3rd size and hold.

AAPL - same idea with the short, maybe 500 magnet or failure. Keep watch.
NUAN - missed on Q1, but I'm bullish this company. Stock has many bulls that believe in the company, which means with a healthy mkt tomorrow, futures indicate weaker -49 as of now, we see a reverse.

XIDE - 2.8 has support for the long, but eps was horrific, rev missed by 100mil and eps was off by 60cent = real bad. More than likely short pops.