Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 13 - Mon. "Reality Check Please"

BWLD - Short bias at 86+ or if the stock gets to 86 and fails, but could it keep pushing and try 90's? Look for cracks in support after sideways price action. I will put in a feeler and build into sticking to mental stop at fridays highs. Few months this stocks back to 70.

BWLD cont - 86 a good place to use for a possible over/under top (as of now)
WU - Q4 missed, $23 tgt, 5.5b v. 5.9b rev. I Like the long at the levels outlined below, building into, when she turns add ur size and let it ride (swing possible).
WU cont - this may make for a good short first before we reach any support levels, consider the upside would be 17.5-18 maybe, so need at least a point drop for interest in longs to come back. Plus, thats a pretty sizable revenue miss.

NUAN - stock was due for a pullback, these are support levels, which we look for reversals from.

NUAN cont - 26.5 area of interest, if we get more support then we want to look for the long, if 26 holds then we can take full size swing, if not 25 more support and then as you see above 22. Each area test the long. Barely a miss and its already moving sideways, I will be picking up longs on weakness.
  • .34 v. .36eps adn 382m v. 391m rev.
  • Short term long tgt 27.5+  v. swing full recovery to 30ish (could take months).