Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 16 - Thurs. "Built this House"

Market gap'd up pretty; 60 (SPY), then slowly, methodically sold off all day...We hadn't seen that for awhile, usually mkt gaps up and holds or we have a pull and grind up, we could see a change in the mkt. Although, news China will come save Europe is huge if you believe it.

The Spy is at major resistance. Support at 130, we could pop to 137.5 before we have a panic filled, Italy concerned, Greece pain in the butt, drop or a steady controlled, much needed pullback before we can head higher.

NTAP - meeting Q3 estimates and setting its Q4 guidance in a range that straddled the Street view., Usually means long will work early on say to 45 area, then we'll get a fade we can lean into.

WTW - each time its hit this area, its pulled, swing short on pops to 80. 77.89 was hod of the day so maybe weakness on the 78 fail, start a short and ride it down with market weakness, if its there.

AAPL - long bias on any major drops or weak opens, etc. and short bias with the vice versa.

MDAS - short on the 14.15-14.5 failure, alot of resistance there. If it opens too weak though you could see a nice run towards 14, just depends on movement of the tides in the Boomwin Moonlight.

FOSL - short bias on 120, maybe 119 failures, could fade, this is a swing short with a target of 110 to 105.

HDY - 34.65%; drilling southwest of Conakry, Guinea encountered oil but it has leaked out with natural barriers remaining. Technically set up long, but this news I haven't done the dd to determine how bad it is or isn't .

NILE - -21.59%; revenue falls for fourth consecutive quarter with net income off in Q4. found some support after hours @ 28 and bounced up to 32.
  • Nile's full-year guidance was 70 cents to 85 cents in earnings and $384 million to $417 million in revenue. Wall Street had forecast earnings of $1.06 and revenue of $386 million
  • So a slight revenue beat, but fell well short on eps.