Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 22 - "Sell the News"

Greek bailout and we sell off. Sell the news the story here? Either that or we move sideways, but I'd like to see some of these overextended stocks get shorted and swing traded.

BWLD - so use to trading the trend on these stocks that I got emotionally tied up in the hype and cover'd this swing short today for a loss when I could of gotten at least a point or held it over for potential gap down and see if we continue to sell off. Any further plays on this I'd be looking for weakness around 88 fails and short it for the anticipated double top.

NUAN - thinking continued sell off and then possibly bounce play, was a short call now coming to fruition.

STX - the power of the hold on this stock has been truly amazing, but as we correct and companies fix thier Thailand flooding problems, this lone hard drive maker should pullback. Its a flat double top, which is a short. Swing.

FRO - has been consolidated at these flat levels for a long time, off a purely technical call I'd be long biased. Could be a reversal for the stock. Accumulate on weakness, small starts.

YNDX - nice strength on a day like today, could definitely move higher before its a short. I'm long biased off of dips, but I'd only watch no play yet. 30 would be the target on the long b4 I'd short though.