Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 23 - Thurs. "After Hours Action"

Lotta after hours action I'm going to be discussing.

VVUS - FDA recommends Qnexa thier diabetes drug. Stock ripped ah's. Will be on watch along, with OREX.
PPO - down after hours cuz earnings results missed expectations, but 4Q net profit was up 49% due to sales of lithium battery, but CEO said "headwinds" will hurt 1Q results, but full year expected to grow.

*"Focus on the what rather than the when." -Buffet.

FIRE - rounding top, but no overhead, looking for a short spot, gota call this one live, more during the day on either twitter, ymb, or in chat. I think its a long till we see weakness, only reason is rounded is people locked gains in, still many early shorts and longs waiting for 50 test.

*"The beginning of risk management begins with embracing uncertainty." -Unknown.

THLD - nice player in this one, keep an eye on it, I'm not going to give a bias because it looks like it could squeeze, but I won't play it long so I'm thinking short, but will watch it only.

QCOR - long bias on topping estimates Q4 eps. 40 runner if mkt helps, will come slow.

HPQ - could sell off more as Q4 profit fell 44%, additionally revenues decrease and came in below est. Buyers came in on 28.