Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 28 - Tues. "The Road"

PCLN - stock has a widening pattern to the upside after an earnings event. Longs might want to watch 615-619 for a long entry and reverse trends once a top has been put in, but that'll be called in chat. Eps #'s were $991mil v. 968 on rev and $5.37 v 5.05 per share, a decent beat.

SINA - dropped after hours, but eps was in line at 21 cents and beat on rev $133.4 v. 129.34, could have a possible reversal since it was in fact a beat, keep eyes on a wash with bounce and reversal. Stock bounced off 60 after hours, but 57 holds more support.
ZAGG - during Christmas this stock had so many people at thier kiosk, guess it paid off because they posted profit that blew past estimations and forecasted full year sales ahead of expectations on the back of the launch of the ipad 3, I think this is a little over done though, will not be buying dips, rather wait it out and short the exuberance.

CLNE - I'm watching this one with a short bias, but if u look left your not going to find much overhead until 23, stock could get there on the back of a strong spy, just a good watch right now.

PEIX - big drop ah's, -23%, Q4 net sales up 80% from a year ago, but a loss of 2.4mil compared to a net loss a year ago of 12.1mil. With that being said it could find some support with the hope of better earnings in the future.