Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 29 - Wed. "Last Day of Month"

DWA - .29 v. .19 eps, 219 v. 207 rev. So earnings beat and a sell off. Keep on watch for any good washout to possible bounce or reversal. Long bias.

FSLR - stock puts up bad #'s, but alot of that is priced in, imo. 660 v. 779mil on rev, well below and 1.26 v. 1.53 estimate on eps, additionally lower. I think alot of this is priced in, but the stock has a strong tendency to add to earnings declines in next day action, so potential short idea here 35 failure is ideal for entry.

SGMS - barely beat on revenue, 239 v. 235 and eps missed .09 v. .10 for Q4. 
YOKU - possible short at the 26 fail, let it top out first before you try to blindly go in, you want a few fails b4 she fades, will be eying it with a short bias though tomorrow. Stock was strong today though and very well could push higher. Stick to stop.

AMED - started to defend 12 late in the day, eying with a long bias if 12 holds. A break above 12.5 and if it can hold could start to trend upwards. There are other earnings concern, but they did have a small earnings beat last night.
DECK - crazy lil pop towards eod, was watching with a long bias and cut my loss right before it ripped up a few points, I think it was so beat down it needed a reversal on short pressures.

SINA - again, this one is dangerous, but provided some good trades in it today, could keep squeezing higher, prolly if weak open try it long or if it gets over extended above 72 look for short, might go for 75's.