Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 3 - Fri. "Entitled"

YMI - nice pull from resistance, which made for a great midday short Midday short call on YMI but I think it will find support a little above 2, maybe 2.05area.  Call option spiked towards eod because many are thinking the same thing. Long till resistance, pay yourself, then see how she reacts.

AMLN - no position in this stock yet, I'm not good at bios, so I may call a technical short here and there, but only for scalps or trades. Still hearing buyout chatter go around, but approval of a diabetes shot is what the driving force is behind this stock, not buyout, could the buyout come, doubtful, but wouldn't rule it out if the drug is significant enough, I won't do that due diligence. I'll be scalping para's.
I think these are 2 very important trend lines because now you have longs with large gains looking where they should take gains or if they should and shorts asking themselves where to short or where to add if already short. 

STX - My feelr is in, but now IB has no shorts for me to average my position, they went dry eod, but I may be able to get some different broker and just play the short differently. Early weakness, you could get another run, I'd be leary of 26, seems like alot of point takers there, 27 would 200% on the dot from its run in Oct. Early pop, short and "pay yourself" (IL quote). These are for trades only, scalps, etc.
STX - Short Swing Argument

Long term chart on STX  - look for sideways and breakdown of support at 25, for 18's.

RLD - I'd love a weak open and a run to 12+, if people are looking for more of a significant of a pullback then its a good short, if you see support watch the squeeze.

ANF - they just keep beating this stock down, but yet JCP is up, lol. makes sense. Long off of washouts and you know the boomwin indicators, just follow them for entry, you be ok. You'd think it would put up a fight at 40, but who knows we could get a nice wash to 37 and bounce that sucker overnight for some real doe.