Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 6 - Mon. "Wicked...This Way Comes"

Big wheel keep on rollin', rollin', rollin' on a river, feels like we just grinding, seeing less and less optimal set ups. We are in earnings season, beginning of the year, futures right now down -30, not enough to freak peeps out, justa fyi. Everyone's a bull so I guess go long and ride it till the wheels fall off. I'm a short right now so I'm getting killed and just playing the wall, but keep buying high and selling higher as long as it works for you. I just can't do it, I made my bed, I'm going to make my argument for my reasons as to why, you can choose to listen or whatever you want, either way, these stocks I'm talking about are at actionable spots. These are actionable alerts, you may just disagree on the direction I choose for myself, but in the end you gotta pull the trigger and make ur own decision on which way you feel the movement is going. Best of luck, and let's get'em this week. Boomwin.
AFFY - I went deep back into this chart and wow! It's been basing in a range (4~9) for a little less than 2 years. So the break out above 9 means that this thing could have major upside and quite possibly not a short. I'd watch for a pullback to 9-10, I'd buy 9 and watch 10 closely possibly starting small into a long. My first instinct will be to short since its a double in a couple months, watching closely for support to take long, this one could have a good year.
Macro v. Micro (depending on how you want to play and how long you want to hold this stock for...the decision is yours.
 ZNGA - I'm not good with ipo plays, other than to say let them calm down when they first open and be careful of unlock date. Stock is starting to take off from the Facebook Rocket Fuel injected in its books. Alot, of info here on Facebook's ticker FB a good reason as to why ZNGA is running. Actionable stock alerts. No real tech analysis I can do on this so no chart. 
PROT - we are waiting for a major washout so we can play the bounce here. PROT can rot in my mind though I will not be playing this, just decent idea and easy way to make a quick buck or lose it. Timing is Everything.
YMI - candle stick wick like that is usually a good sign of a reversal, I'd be looking to short Fridays highs or any kinda strong pop or whatevs
 AMLN - approval of diabetes shot has ripped this stock up, but I like that its at this gap fill back from 2010. Not great with bio runs, but I got my eyes on paras to short possibly. Every dips gets bot on everything though so...
 ANF - getting attacked, with 50% price cuts on their stock price, they've been attacked for 5 or so months now, but what I think is that we gona get some larger co's loading up, their books aren't putting up bad #'s, kids still weak abercrombie and fitch, second hand stores that buy and resale these clothes, american eagle, abercrombie and fitch are their top sellers so...just wait for the best dip, value buy it and get long. 
APKT - 31.6 price target on the short pullback swing, if mkt grinds so will this stock though. Use ur stops. 
FIO - I love the long set up here, its been on boomwin a few times now, I"m sure you're familiar with the set up. 
THQI - got killed after earnings, but could see one more drop and be a good value on a company that makes games for phones.