Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 7 - Tues. "Patience Virtue"

We're still grinding higher with no reason to pullback, everything is perfect in the world, I guess. Our debt, our jobs, our everything has magically disappeared because people are bullish at the beginning of the year, idk.

THLD - has a tendency to shooting star and then pull, which I'm looking for here. I have no exact #, but I am looking for normal signs of a top (parabolic, sideways, breaks below support). The way things have being going lately, I'd be looking for a weak open and a push over hod (you could go long) or wait for the pop to short and swing it, cuz if history will tell us anything is that this stock wont hold this pop.

 SOHU - didn't read the eps report, don't care, but each line I drew is significant, so look for long reversal off each one or if they give it up short the stock to the next support line.

STX - 26.63, sorta put a double top, if it can just fade now, I took full size on my short posiition now 25.5 average on the short swing will give it 28's before I cut her. Downside opjective is still 18.5 area.

ACOR - they tried to hit this one with bad news today link could eventually set in, check the line I put in for price.

CSTR - eps beat adn inline to above guides, close to 52's so maybe tried to push if we have a strong mkt tomorrow, mkt is pointing to flat open.

PMCS - revenue failed, 6 had sup it bounced off of, be looking for that tomororow or you could try to short at .25 or .50 and hope for a 6 test. These are decent r v. r ways to play.