Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 9 - Thurs. "Grindanometry"

 What a world we live in, we got the leader of BLK saying "you should be 100% invested in stocks" guess that could mean short as well, but he did say it today, Greece news has slowly been, imo, pricing itself in over the last what 1.5 months and we grind, we drop, we grind, I just play FAS, each morning drop, buy FAS its grinds 2 points, has worked for a long time now. Actually, only played it once, but whatever (I'm thinking outloud here). So as we wait on Greece, the wackest country on the planet earth to figure out how exactly to screw the people and help the banks/bondholders ( no bias, but it is what it is) as a market we grind, grind is my least favorite word, cause I'm a hustler, and husltas always play a step ahead so if you on your grind that means you following whatever the pack is doing, a hustla, like me, is short and making no money, I've even started hustling again (j/k haha), but I digress, keep that grinding mentality until you need to hustle.

PZZI - let the rain fall down on this one, look for major sellers and bounce that bish. 4.4 - 3.67 I like as support.

CSCO - I know they beat and whatnot, but they got sold off immediately and ended flat, big candle stick wick reversal, my own creation, unless I learned that from someone and now I made it my own, I couldn't tell you, I always think those are signs of a reversal. Prolly long it first and look to short a 21 fail if it makes it.

this is an example of a recent candle stick wick reversal pattern that I used on monday I think or tuesday or some day this week, (btw to see these charts better, just right click them and click view image).

and then you can see what it did over the last day or so...kind of a theory in progress because if you saw the candle stick and hit the top great yeah it would of worked, but lets say your slow and only got the flatness, right now you'd be flat for 2 days. So time will tell, but this chart has proven, imo, this to be correct. You are about to find out first hand now though...

WFM - I love this company, used to be a bag boy, kinda miss doing it as funny as that sounds, whatever though, I think it's a little weird for these 2 stocks that beat on earnings to pop and immediately be sold into and come back to where they started, same play idea as CSCO different price points. Candle stick wick reversal in play though.
AKAM - ripped after earnings beat and held, I think we long <39s and 42.5ish is over head, first sign of it at least, depending on your time frame.

would be looking to take my gains though if I could grab low 38's and sell low to mid 39's, maybe keep a few and see if it can go the distance, then possible reversal afterwards, have to call that in chat, depends on the ticks and the tocks.

V - Set strong guidance and beat eps. Would wait for a pull to take long. anyone with a platform should be able to pull this chart.

IRBT - a bit more interesting. revenue miss and guidance that made the people with alot of money in the stock cry and whine about why they can't be in a good company through earnings cuz they want to have more money for stuff like Grindanometry lessons. 27.25 - 28.5 I like the long, the guidance wasn't that dismal and this is a strong good company, with progress and growth potential, and their CEO uses words like Synergy so...