Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 8 - Wed. "Early Bird"

Good Morning Vietnam! I think yawl should get up early tomorrow and get on that...
BWLD - Early birds might want to try to get a long sub 80's, but, and I'll show you, this chart is up a ton and parabolic'd into infinity, Might want to get long first and then see if whole #'s like ur 84's and your 85's have good pulls and possibly lade day fades.
"The aggressive next-day performance off evening gains, combined with some solid upside posted in evening action, would have us looking at a long play in the shares on Wednesday. Early longs may want to target possible entry points between 78.65 and 80.50, levels that could develop as a floor support and perhaps see some lift back toward 81 to 82."

CSTR - it had trouble with 60 and pulled back quite a bit so, my initial call in chat was to short that, but now that its pulled so much I'd advise possible more sells and a rebound, was pretty decent news. I think people wanted to lock in, SPY was feeling heavy or has been for a bit now, I'm short biased on this mkt so hoping we see more and more profit takers. Aside from that buy early weakness and go long.

FIO - I love the long on this stock, had been calling it for a few days, its sorta playing out like the MAKO  call off of 25 I had a while back, where the first day we nailed it for 3 or some odd points then it pulled back and a week swing and it turned into a run to 37, back to where it came from, I think we see the same situation here. So long swing off 22.25area and let it swing with <30ish being your target.

OPEN - peeps where so bearish on this thing for so long, now once its almost doubled off its lows of 30 in a month or more, everyone wants to get bullish, 60 magic #. I think we see a sell off.

SGI - got murdered after a eps miss and mixed guidance, short city on pops "A pre-market open Wednesday may have potential surrounding the 11 mark. Buyers were active Tuesday night at 10.49 up to 10.70, a potential near-term bottom support for more risk tolerant longs to eye. On the short side, selling was aggressive coming off the trading halt at 11.50 to 11.24, a possible ceiling level to watch."
I like that outlook. On my hand it has bounced off this 10 spot 3 times in the last whatever, which is noted.