Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March 1 - Thurs. "The Club"

FNSR - declined ah's after posting mixed Q3 results and Q4 guidance was below estimates. Shorts want to look for entry around 18.5 area, which was a spot in ah's that stood as a ceiling. Possible short term target of 18, could test or find support there.

PETM - company actually posted a 1cent earnings beat 91c v. 90c, but ex-one time items caused a sell off. 54 a good support spot in after hours an area where longs might want to watch for entry with kicks back up to 54.5+ for a short term target.

BID - 1.04 v. 1.25, so an earnings miss of significance. This is a low float, but stock did find some support at 36 after hours, possible long on weakness, 36 might be a good fade first, then look long.

HPQ - is still down after an earnings miss a week back or so. I've been eying for a long play on this one, maybe gets to 25 before it is, keep on watch though, more in chat.

FOSL - probably fades with the SPY if the she starts pulling back. Haven't seen the SPY print like it wants to sell off like that in 2 months. 80% of equities follow the general mkt, but I've been eying FOSL for a swing short if we start pulling. Keeping a close eye on it here.