Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March 6 - Tues. "Set Ups Aplenty"

NTRI - posted wider than expected Q4 loss. Shorts want to watch 11 for a top, it stood as a ceiling in after hours. Looking at the chart, stock has been supported at 10.5 for a while now, might want to think about covering there or possibly longing.

AEZS - weak open could see a run higher. Otherwise, starting to hit the blue lines of resistance.

KERX - 5-5.5 has resistance, possible short if/when it reaches.

PCX - keeps setting new 52 week lows, at this point I feel I've missed the short opportunity and I"ll be eying reversal. Should get its first bounce back up to 7 soon, before it heads lower.

GS - 118.5 area of interest for a possible long, anything beneath I think is oversold. Keep in mind this stock follows the SPY so if we get a pull it may pull as well, but I'm watching with a long bias from the aforementioned price.

CALL - Possible gearing on weakly chart, Oppenheimer gave a $24/price target.

KITD - I like the long on this one, scoop up 8-8.5's and see if we can get a 9 cross for some upside. Could very well wash out first before she does though.

CIS - just started watching this one today, as it has a good long base, when it breaks out to the upside it should have a big gain in it, I don't think its ready just yet though, only a watch at this point.

BVSN - crazy stock here, ripped down and right back and higher, really needs to see a huge surge in volume and not go higher for me to want to think short.