Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March 7 - Wed. "Black&Yellow"

DSCO - lung drug news. saw some support at 4.75 an area longs might want to target early on for a long and 5 as a sell. Highs ah's were 6.75, possible top out at or around that area if/when it gets there be looking short. Long bias though.

P - missed Q4  expectations and set guidance below estimations. 12.5ish area looked like a good top after hours, short may want to target 12 or 11.75 area for short entry, with 12.5 being another add spot for short. Risk is a little wider. Possibly lows into the low 11's with a maybe crack on 11.

PAY - I think early on this gets a solid pop and we short it, will be one of my top watches tomorrow. 51+ being where I'd like to see a fail and a short start.

some additional resistance spots on PAY

HPQ - eying this for long, I think its getting into over sold territory. A wise soul told me to "let it bounce, retest and see if it holds" for possible long entry so that is what I'm looking for.