Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March16 - Fri. "Keys"

PWRD - the company easily beat market estimates for earnings and its own guidance for revenue, couldn't find the exact #'s of analyst estimates to compare how much of a beat this was, but it was significant. I'll be looking long on the stock initially, but only on pullbacks. 14.5-15.25 saw optimistic buying in after hours, an area I'll be watching closely tomorrow with a long bias.

16-16.5 does have some longer term over head, although I feel like it wont be much of a problem, mostly longs will have to deal with the low float and the profit takers. 

DSCO - stock offering dropped this stock in after hours so at 3.30 to 3.15, a near-term ceiling level for shorts to eye and where there may be room to catch some downside drops towards the 3 mark. We've been watching this one for a week + now with a long bias because their drug was approved, only problem is they need 25mil to bring to market, but the large short float and quick drop gives way to long scalps. What I'm saying is don't get too comfortable with the short and be mindful of longs.

Sub 3's might look good for possible long, I'll be eying the short off of the above mentioned levels though initially.

FRAN - great range in this one lately, both long and short. They had an e/r beat a few nights back and should be in play tomorrow again, ideal to long off weakness 29 a good support spot or if it gets too over extended too quick, then look to short. I'll be calling this one live in chat.

STI - tried to run through 25 today, set a decent trend, we could see this push tomorrow if mkt is steady.
ACHN - long bias, called by IL in chat, I like the chart alot a break over 11.15-11.25 should see 12+.

GES - e/r loss, 33 was top today, we could see this break above 33 and push. I know alot think their business in china will be enough to keep the company afloat and consider this drop an opportunity to get long. I'm not sure if I feel that way, but if it sets up, I will be playing long side. 33 still may need a few more tries before it goes and one could look to short there.

YOKU - 28 support, popped off of this spot a few times today, will be looking long 27-28 area.