Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March 15 - Thurs. "Stock Market Yeah"

GES - posted results and guidance well below expectations. I'm watching for 33 as area of short interest. Short term top at 33, any pops over I'd consider shorting for possible kicks down into lower 32's, possibly giving up more than that.

31.5 to 32, could see possible reversal and maybe work its way back up towards 33 later in the day, but I'd be short first then long.

ORCC - posted better than expected results and guidance. Exact #'s were 38.7 v. 38mil, and .08 v. .04 per share, so a decent beat, up 21% ah's. this a light vol one.

prolly a good runner here off 3.5 support could see significant move higher cause its been consolidated below 3 for a while now, not a short here yet, maybe call that in chat.

RUE - slight rev miss, 219.9 v. 226mil and .52 v. .49 eps beat, down 5%
LIZ - been running for awhile now, its got hedge fund power behind it, but considering the other clothing stores missing tonight we may see this one trend down in sympathy.

Tomorrow I'll be watching:
FRAN - I like this one long, had a nice earnings beat last night, stock gap'd up and sold off most of the day, and right before the bell dropped a point. 28.25 was support in after hours last night and could see some support there tomorrow. I'll be eying dips tomorrow, possibly early for long play.
YOKU - nice fade today, has been up from TUDO buyout, 28.5 had good support and it tested 29 today a few times, we may see early weakness and a run for r/g and 29 cross for the long bias.
ANF - buyout chatter is bs imo, but this broke out of resistance at 51, I'm looking at it short though because of the 3 points its gotten since break out, its come fast, my only reason for the short, take short term advantage of this price movement. ideally a long later.