Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


April 12 - Thurs. "Only Set Ups"

TITN - big gap today from 27.5 to 33, faded then found some support at 31 before gearing into a real nice pop up over 33. You can see on the long term chart that 32-33 is some major resistance, but I do like the long still. Stock put up some nice e/r #'s .84 v. .53 eps, 607m v. 439m rev. Should push higher, I'd play the long off of pulls to or below 32 and look for the gear through 32 and 33. If it gets over extended too fast look short, maybe 35's too soon.

AVID - Q1 revenue to come in below Wall Street's expectations. 152m v. 161m rev. Light vol, but decent enough to trade. Look for the continued fade to support at 8.  Short bias.

SHLD - getting very close to having a bounce, long bias if volume stays and she gears and runs with the market. Keep in mind we need the market to push higher and support the stock. It could very well sell off more as the market gets back into sell off mode, if it does I should say. 59 support and its oversold.