Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 18 - Fri. "Facebook IPO"

Well, the long awaited Facebook or FB ipo is here. $34-38, 421m shares. Sympathy plays: LNKD, FFN, ZNGA, RENN.
CRM - slight beat on per share and revenue guidance. 141 - 145 ah's range. Just below 150 is some big resistance, I think this is a short play, if it gets well above 145, possibly 148.
ADSK - beating on Q1 revenue, meeting on earnings, and setting its guidance in-line to lower than expectations. Lately, if stocks haven't been absolutely killing earnings they've been selling off. 33 - 32 downside range on this ah's. Lotta support at 30, I think it gets there, possibly lower, short it. Pops over 33 might be good to start.
Market has not had many set ups so I'm not going to force boomwin to give you set ups that aren't there. Tune into twitter for some updates if your not a member of

FRIDAY, May 18
Extended-Hours Earnings: ANN, BWS, IMOS, DCI, FL, HIBB, KIRK.
Economic Data: None.