Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 22 - Tues. "Proper"

We had our first bounce today in a long time, the markets are still weak in my opinion with the Grexit looming. I am putting no set ups because if we get back into downtrend mode everything will sell off and there will be nothing, but fearful market.
With that being said
LNKD - I'm stalking the short, watched it test 100 today and pullback a little, not sure if its a short yet.
ARNA - trending upwards ah's.
URBN - up a little from a positive e/r.
BWS - tested 12 a few times, this one prolly still a long until it gets higher.
FB - all the bears are coming alive lately saying this stock will be <24, if we get enough of them we might just have a nice run upwards.
UNG - nat gas had a pullback today, bounced off 18.85. See if it gets back up to test 20 or continues to rest after the run.