Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 25 - Fri. "Regular Wages"

PAY - beating Q2 expectations but also setting its Q3 and full year view in-line to below the Street consensus. Shorts might want to eye the 42 failure as a short spot, or even if it pops above to short into, the full year outlook being inline to below should bring sellers.
FB - MS said "in a 15 minute conference call today, assured advisors that nobody will pay more than $43 per share for Facebook (FB:$33.03,00$1.03,003.22%) shares, even as FB shares continue to trade lower than the IPO price, according to a report on CNBC." I think they are buying <32's, good support there, we'll see where she goes though.
VMW - nice sell off today and it flattened out at 93-96, I think she breaks back up towards 100+, this company had an e/r beat and guidance beat as well.
XCO - reverse head and shoulders pattern here, 8 being the area of interest, I'd play the <7 or 7 area accumulate and sell it at 8, maybe holding some to see if it eventually breaks out. Inverse head and shoulder patterns have been working if you play them like that, almost always failing to break the key area, although testing.