Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 29 - Tues. "Greekend Over"

The Greek news paused for the first time last week and we got some of the first relief in the market all month on the long side of the issue. We'll see if we can hold or gain some traction or see if we are engulfed by fear once again and the markets head lower, I'm hoping for the latter.
RLOC - needs volume, but could break out of the bull flag one day and push towards 10+.

PAY - earning missed caused massive sell off last week. Looking for long bounce on washes or perks off consolidation."The company reported earning $0.64 a share vs. expectations of $0.61 a share. PAY also topped consensus estimates regarding its revenue, with sales of $479 million on estimates of $472 million.
The slump came after PAY disclosed its Q3 guidance. The company is expecting to earn $0.68 to $0.70 a share in Q3 while analysts had estimated earnings of $0.70. PAY is also expecting revenue from $495 to $500 million, whereas analysts had predicted $502 million."

HUSA - watching for long, we may see it gap and run hard one day, prolly waiting for news.

SYNC - waiting for early July when this is over for it to dump, prolly has a run just before and tops mid Jun.
XCO - I think the easier move is to short the pops, or if you have enough patience, which most of you don't, then buy the deep pulls and sit on your hands. 8 being the area of interest.

CHK - the big dogs, like Icahn and BLK are scooping up size on this one. Both sitting with 4-5 million shares on this pullback.
GNOM - reserving if not readily, son!
TPX - so many big money bagholders in this one, not for me. Staying away, but I do like...
VMW - more expensive, but nice sell off 93 support should get back above 100, this is a pillar.