Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 31 - Thurs. "Uniform Trader"

So the prop firm I trade with messed my bp up right on the open and I couldn't trade for 40 minutes. I knew it would be a bad day when I missed the open. Felt like I was playing catch up all day and chasing entries. Not a good mind frame to be in because you get careless and end up losing money, which I did. Not alot, but having a losing day just weighs on you. Especially when you saw the trades you would of taken banking all the way up to 10am. Ah, needed to vent that outloud and get back on it tomorrow, thanks. Lesson is just keep your wits about you and take the trades as they come. I feel I have more patience when I'm up house money for the day, prolly true for all of us, say la vie. Ended up messing up VRTX a fade that I knew was sick, took a small loss, didn't add in on the feeler I put out and watched it fade 2-3 points off top. PWRD took the short and ended up taking a loss on a stupid, lost temperament, cover. My only loses, I missed out on LNKD short early on, didn't want to chase, so I didn't, it dropped 3 more points, fml. Also, VHC had its nice 1 point + pull right when I got my bp back, wasn't ready for that one. I hate days like this. Summary, LNKD - missed, VHC - missed, those would of given me a good cushion/confidence to play VRTX short and prolly woulda smacked it for another 500+ gain, closing my day out over 1k, prolly wouldn't of taken the PWRD chase after that because I woulda been sitting with a big gain into close and not cared. Chat was hot either way, keep it up team!
Thanks, needed to get that out...tomorrow, new day.

OPEN - 39.69 to 4. Google + will incorporate open tables restaurant reservation into thier site. Big news for them, expect this to continue running. 40 area of interest, if you can buy low and sell into the 40 push go for it.
 LGF - 11.50 to 13.06 ah's, Q4 loss of $0.17 per share, compared with the prior year period's EPS of $0.36. It is unclear whether this is comparable to the consensus estimate of $0.27. Many still buzzing off the Hunger games, suspect this to rebound off <12 accumulation.
AAPL - thinking this rips back up to 600, keep on watch, been sold off, everyone in FB going back to AAPL since its "the worst ipo in history." Needs to get going if its gona hit 1200 price target, lol.
FFIV - sold off ah's because "the resignation of Mark Anderson, the company's Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales." Who cares? not like some other idiot can't do what he does, expect a rebound, specially if mkt supports it. This a former good ranger.
LNKD - still looking at this one on the short side, telling me over/under 100 top, play it with that idea in mind. Short bias.
VHC - sick run today, and it just holds its gains, this thing may just trend sideways again like it just did before it heads higher.
VRTX - watching for the continued short, the news behind this is vague, they had some revised data on a cancer treatment, which they say was overstated and shouldn't be that bad, but you'd expect them to say that. Still thinking this is a short at this point, def alot of believers in this one though, keep your stops where they should be, I always play a feelr first on set ups like this. I like the short on parabolics over previous resistance, almost always sells of back to support.
PWRD - this earnings report didn't provide alot of details other than they are flat and 2q is going to be down, analysts didn't say much, stock sold off and came right back up, I'm thinking short the push over 11, no reason this should be back to where it was on a 2q that is suppossed to be bad, which is their outlook, but play the price action.