Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 30 - Wed. "Austerity Prosperity"

PWRD - flat year-over-year Q1 ♠ revenue results and guiding for a sequential decline in Q2 revenue. <9 is 52 week low, I'd say with the right downside pressure we could hit that. 10.6 to 9.7 was ah's range, I'd be looking for the over/under 10.5 as a short for a drop back to 9.7 and maybe <9 for rest.  †

VHC - This one broke out of resistance at 32ish and continued higher today, not a short until it gets up towards 35-39 level, I like the long until. Target was raised to 65 today by some analyst.

VRTX - looking short on this one, any significant moves over 58 towards 59 and 60 should be looked at for a top and a short into, feeler, then once you know its top, add. 58 where it gapped down from and 58 where it pulled from midday so its def the area of interest.

LNKD - not sure, but it was up to 102 ah's, all I could find is that they hit 15 million users in India. Looking short on this one, I hate the company and think its a dog, but trade accordingly, doesn't mean that it can't rip higher or that its not a long, I'm short biased though on big moves up. I think the early pop to 103 should bring it back down to 100, we'll see.