Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 12 - Tues. "Nightcall"

FNSR - Q4 revenue below expectations and setting its Q1 guidance south of the Street view. Exact #'s are  $239.9 mln, vs. $244 mln. EPS was $0.21, vs. expectations of $0.21 per share. For Q1, the company expects revenue of $218 to $233 mln and EPS of $0.11 to $0.15 per share. The Street is at $251.2 mln in revenue and EPS $0.24 per share. So about 20 mil shy on revenue and half on eps, not a good outlook, this move maybe priced in, so I'd say let it dip and look to get long, if you catch it early enough you may want to scalp the short, but my main play will be to eye the long. <13 should be golden. If not, look for ah's support at 13.25 area, plus gearings/perkings.
  • bunch of flatness after hours, seems like volatility is drying up again, I hope not. Pretty good pulls into close should maybe set us up long again, but Spain and this bailout, either they need it or they don't, want shouldn't be part of it, whatever.
 CNC - revised e/r 2.68 v. 1.68 eps, Looking for the parabolic over 28.5 to short into tomorrow early on, this one not like NAV because Icahn hasn't come out and add'd to his position so this should be weaker than NAV, short is the play. Some support at 27, I think value should be closer to 26 if you factor in how bad the revised e/r #'s should hit them. Play the technical set up though, and play the price action. Just mentioning the #'s because people like to know why, including me, also helps me place real value on the shares, which I find helps me with oversold/overbot plays.
FRAN - magnet on 30, looking for over/under top there. Short bias if it gets there, if weak open could get going again. Keep in mind this was a good e/r beat and the stock deserves to push higher. I like the long initially, weak open, then mkt decently strong could be a r/g play with a mag at 30. Prolly som'n I need to call live though. great range, should be awesome trader.
PCYC - range trader, weak open = long, too far too fast we can get some shorts.
UBNT - shady dealings, this company posted a great e/r report and still sold off like a mug because of these dealings, on watch.