Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 13 - Wed. "Weilding the Axe"

SMG - warned it will fall short of FY forecast and Sees FY adj EPS to come in below prior est of $2.65-$2.85. Not sure what the prior was, but sales were 3% v. 6-8%. After hours it hit 36, which is below its support at 40. If it can get back up towards 40, sell pressure should bring it back down. Short on that idea. 
As you can see 37 is the area of interest or where it tried to flatten out, could possibly over/under 37 mark tomorrow. The 39 area is key for the short, I've outlined the resistance levels with 2 orange lines you can see on the chart. If the stock gets to that mark or possibly longer term resistance at 40, I will look to feel the short out for a top and size in once it breaks back down, initial cover would be our 37 area. Of course this is all after hours plays, could change in the morning, but I'll be in chat, keep you eyes on this one, could/should be playable.

TPX - Director Andrew Mclane and spouse bot 112k at $25/share on 6/8/12. Stock got a little move up ah's, which is only reason I'm mentioning it. Could bring some attention tomorrow. Too many bagholders for it to move up imo. 
DELL - will institute a dividend in Q3 for .08c, saw an ah's perk. 
ARNA - talk about sick late day run, June 27 is PDUFA date for their obesity drug, "Five Star Equities issued a press release highlighting ARNA's weight loss drug, saying it may be one of the first in the lucrative market." I'm sure we'll see more out of this early on, out the gate, let it squeeze stubborn shorts, rip through 8.2+ and then eye the short, don't overstay ur welcome, trade it, bio run ups like this have power, ie VVUS, OREX, XOMA, etc. They all believe that the drug is going to get approved so they push it up hard, just saying.
FRAN - love the set up here, it has a nice long base, good e/r report, great guidance, pulled back today, then sideways price action with perks, look to catch it early for the 28.5 cross, 29, cross then 30 test if it gets back on its horse, good long base should support a decent 2ndary leg here. Here's thier e/r #'s
Keep in mind 29.25 - 29.5 area was where it pulled back from yesterday so it has some overhead, it may need to test 28 again, but look for support to form, def long bias.