Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 27 - Wed. "Angel Invest"

Had a rough day today because ZNGA hit news while I wasn't paying attention to it. Sad because it had a decent long set up and a secondary test of hod, then boom, they didn't take the news as positive and stock tanked. Oh well, it happens, a reason why you could have a hard stop in place and prolly should if I step away and am not watching it.
AVAV - .80c v. .71c, 110.7m v. 110.99m, nice eps beat and rev inline. FY 1.41 - 1.51 v. 1.44 so inline and a beat on rev at 348-370M v. 349m. 26.5 was ah's support, looking long off those levels.
END - came on strong and held some of it. I like the long initially, this was good news awhile back and it held 10 for a good amount of time, this 2ndary run should be good for a long trade.
STZ - I like the long on weakness, possible r/g cross for a catalyst. It has good shorts and good price action, should be a good trader.
UCO - geared for a few days sideways then dropped again, its gearing again for a possible long play on the 24.5 cross. Also, 25 cross.
PCYC - another favorite trader lately, I like the 55 push parabolic before I get set on the short, could still scalp short or play long some, but the real big move that comes will be the parabolic over 55+ and swing short.
OSIR - just straight lift off, not sure where it stops, but I do know that it broke out at 7.25 so a double would be 14.5 area, many times where stocks pull from after big runs.
SUPN - should be kept on watch its got a great range in it lately.