Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 29 - Fri. "Another One-N-Da Books"

One of the sickest days in chat all year, imo. Freaking banked huge on every single trade!
ACN - beat on earnings and revenues. Lot of resistance at 60, but should get there and test with market support. I'd be long first then short at 60 area.
SNTA - bad news on drug, but should have a bounce soon before fading off. Alot of that is based on perception of how the drug will perform in the future and if they can get it right. I know shorts are aplenty, which could make way for a squeeze at some point, with 6 being resistance.
SWHC - former runner here, the topped Q4 earnings and revenue estimates, last time they did this they ran from 5 to 8+. We are coming into resistance from that run though at 8 area. I'll probably look to short on strong moves over 8, towards 8.5
NKE - bad e/r and they came down ah's. Should be on watch tomorrow. Stock hasn't been this low in awhile. Many Nike bulls may look to get long soon.
PCYC - looking to take short again on top move to 55 fail.
ARNA - eying the long on washout.
ZAGG - long on pullback and consolidation, this is a swing idea.
VRTX - nice washout towards the eod and rebound. Good range since e/r yesterday. I'll prolly play both sides of the issue tomorrow, using 50 as support.