Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 6 - Thurs. "Trading in the Middle of the Street"

MW - missed Q1 results, Announced Q1 GAAP earnings of $0.52 per share, below prior guidance of $0.53 to $0.54 per share. Adjusted EPS was $0.53 per share. The analyst consensus was $0.54 per share, according to Capital IQ. widening trend in place in MW on the downside would have us looking at a possible short play in the shares early Thursday. Shorts may want to target possible entry points in the 31 to 30 area, a potential ceiling level that could see weakness back into the 29s. All these stocks rarely if ever bounce next day, I'd short this bish early on and just ride the weakness down. Remember the good old days when you were at risk of shorting a stock down this much cuz it would rip your face off? I don't, lol.
AKAM - #1 on my short watch tomorrow. 30 fail I'll be looking to short. 30 is going to be the area of interest because there is over head there. Don't know if she makes it there tomorrow, but I'll average into a short, using over/under 30 top or 30 fail. Will call live in chat.
ZNGA - cheapy one to watch if this FB sentiment does turn around. Keep eyes on it.
SPRD - could blow off higher towards 20 and then possible short, I think it needs to pull from up here before it rips 20. Volume is slightly lighter than normal, keep that in mind.
ARUN - nice range and has been a good trader lately, not a short, not a long, let it set up one way or the other and take the trade.