Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 7 - Friday. "Round'and'Round"

Stocks started to tank into close because Fitch downgraded Spain's debt and warned of a US debt downgrade, which sent these bishes running for the hills. Not sure how we'll react tomorrow with us having a 400+ point run the last few days and it being a friday. With that being said some good set ups for tomorrow.

NAV - awesome stock, took a loss on a public trade, because I shorted too early, my chart was showing 25 as the gap down spot, but then I noticed I read it wrong and 26 was the gap down spot so I got back in and scalped a little bit of money back out of it, wasn't a total waste, kept fading though, could have kept original position, but thats the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, I stuck to my stock/plan and kept it moving. Tomorrow I'll look for pops back over 25 area for a short again, this company missed 400 mil on revenue and about 2 points on eps, which is huge for out look, cutting them in half, so to be down only a smidgen of that, we should see lower.
WPRT - I was thinking this prolly goes 32+ before its a good short, sure enough it pulled as I said that, had no position, so no pain then, but I like the long still on weakness and catalysts such as consolidation on early am pull and a r/g move possibly, maybe not tomorrow, but keep eye on it for that idea. 30 to 32 def has some overhead.
FRAN - tops Q1 expectations and raising its FY 2012 guidance, which caused it to jump to upside levels between 23.91 - 25.95, <25 may be seen as accumulate, just watch the price action. Not just a random short or random long, let it set up either way, if it opens up weaker below tonights action level, which is 25 we could see this bish run back to 27.5, which is a flat line resistance on the monthly charts, check it. Long till that spot or higher.
ALTR - disclosing it expects Q2 revenue to be in line with previous guidance. Not bullish to me, despite and ah's move, I expect this one to be a range trader, so if you good at that, then here you go, first hour let it establish, top and bottom, if it rips short it, if it wash's long it., should hover around 34+ mark.